The Crash SiteHeaps of crash movies - some of these are piss funny. Thanks to The Crash Site for a few of the 0wned movies (contributed by Iced Tea, *DOWN* as of 22/5/01)
Formula 1 MPEG ArchiveLoads of F1 movies - crashes and other funny moments. A must see for car racing fans (contributed by Iced Tea)
The Palm GraveyardHeaps of pics and stories of Palm Pilot 0wnage (added 10/3/00)
Crazy-Bitch.comGuy's apartment 0wned by his girlfriend after she found out he was cheating on her (added 24/3/00)
Darwin AwardsStories of self-0wnage and complete stupidity from around the world. Two words: bloody funny (added 27/3/00)
Phone BashingMovies of mobile phone 0wnage by guys in big mobile phone suits (contributed by filbert, added 29/3/00)
FiftyCal DestructionPics of computer hardware that's been 0wned from 300 yards (added 21/11/00, *DOWN* as of 22/5/01)

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