caught.jpgCouple gets 0wned by all their mates
bsod.jpgBig screen Windows 0wnage
pie.jpgArticle: teenager gets 0wned by American Pie
ouch.jpgTurtle 0wned by a golf ball (contributed by Freon, added 18/3/00)
donkey.jpgDonkey 0wned by cart tippage (contributed by Jim, added 22/3/00)
jerry.jpgSleeping guy 0wned by a bucket of warm water (contributed by Har & psyc, added 3/4/00)
pepsi.jpgPepsi employee caught red-handed.. 0wned by the camera (contributed by Har, added 9/6/00)
falcon1a.jpgCar totally 0wned by a siderail (contributed by Tuck, added 23/3/01)
car-hydrant.jpgFireman-style car 0wnage (contributed by Gumby, added 7/9/01)
beaver-crush.jpgCute lil beaver 0wned by a tree (added 12/10/02)
cactus-car.jpgMega cactus 0wnage (added 12/10/02)
harvey.jpgArticle: Harvey Norman 0wned by their salesman's stupidity (added 12/10/02)
lobsters.jpgArticle: Shoplifter 0wns his testicles (added 12/10/02)
plane.jpgPower lines of 0wnage snare low-flying plane (added 12/10/02)
work006.jpgPoor little red van 0wned by big nasty buses (added 12/10/02)
d12.jpgMatador gets some bull-horn 0wnage (contributed by Andy, added 12/10/02)

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