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0911crash0wned by the edge of the track and a wall
1021cart1vIndy car gets 0wned into a million little pieces
suckjetGuy gets 0wned by a jet engine
trainKid gets 0wned by a train
auaGymnast gets 0wned by that vault thingy
carSpeeding car 0wned by a semi-trailer
chimp4Chimp on a log gets 0wned by... himself
cjmGymnast gets 0wned by the floor
ctgAnother gymnast gets 0wned, this time by the bar he was swingin on
kick0wned right in the nads
ownedCute lil rabbit gets 0wned hardcore by a race car
rallyRally car spectator 0wnage
shovelhead0wned in the head with a shovel
tvtv0wned down some stairs and into a gate (contributed by nf, added 29/11/99)
whiplash0wned.. just 0wned (contributed by sycochild, added 30/11/99)
sheepSheep jumps up and is 0wned by a wall (contributed by nf, added 30/11/99)
branded0wned by a horse... and he deserved it (contributed by Rattis, added 3/12/99)
catCute little kitty gets 0wned by a wall (contributed by Reverend, added 6/12/99)
cartRace car.. nicely 0wned by another race car (added 10/2/00)
carrierJet 0wns itself on an aircraft carrier (added 10/2/00)
israelA tank gets 0wned (added 10/2/00)
balloonHot-air balloon 0wned by some power lines (added 10/2/00)
ski_jump 0wned by a parked ute (contributed by Iced Tea, added 29/2/00)
bullsRun with the bulls.. and get 0wned (contributed by psyc, added 24/3/00)
antheaWoman 0wned by a motorbike exploding from a truck (contributed by psyc, added 24/3/00)
choqueDouble 0wnage - guy 0wns his friend, friend 0wns him back with a banana (contributed by ILT, added 27/3/00)
rockclimRock climbers 0wned by a rope (contributed by filbert, added 21/4/00)
1barrelBeer keg 0wnage.. what a waste (added 26/5/00)
crocodile0wned by a hungry croc (added 26/5/00)
elephant0wned right in the nads by an elephant (added 26/5/00)
flyingAttempted bike trick 0wnage.. nice flip (added 26/5/00)
pantsoffBull totally 0wns a guy's pants (added 26/5/00)
pinjataOops missed! 0wned square in the nuts (added 26/5/00)
squashSnowmobile rider totally 0wned by another snowmobile(added 26/5/00)
wcYou don't expect to get 0wned while sitting on the can (added 26/5/00)
gates_win98Bill Gates gets 0wned by a good ol' blue screen (contributed by Chopper, added 26/5/00)
basketballLittle kid gets 0wned in the head by a basketball (contributed by spark, added 1/8/00)
stairsurferDown the stairs.. and 0wned by a door (added 1/8/00)
alabaredFart lighting 0wnage (added 1/8/00)
creamedGates 0wned again.. cream pie-style (contributed by Gumby, added 15/8/00)
biciklisCyclist 0wns another cyclist then gets 0wned by a spectator (contributed by memnoch, added 15/8/00)
donkeyGuy 0wned by horny donkey (contributed by CeReal & fade, added 3/9/00)
catchhimGet 0wned by the fire or the ground.. your choice (contributed by ILT, added 25/9/00)
catchildLittle kid 0wned by a flying cat (contributed by Barney, added 25/9/00)
fknouchArm wrestle 0wnage (added 25/9/00)
nutsbat0wned with a baseball bat in the nuts (contributed by Freon, added 25/9/00)
beach_doodGuy buried in the sand gets 0wned by a little kid (rediscovered 4/10/00)
pool_jumperHardcore pool-jumping leg 0wnage (rediscovered 4/10/00)
copsfallHigh-rise police officer 0wnage (added 26/10/00)
footballfaceCatch! *boink* 0wned. (added 26/10/00)
catfightBig cat 0wns a little cat that shows off (contributed by Rattis, added 19/11/00)
baby0wned in the face by baby spew.. aww how cute (added 15/2/01)
boat4Big fat boat anchor 0wnage (added 15/2/01)
fall20wned by Satan I think :) (added 15/2/01)
firemanFireman 0wned by his own truck (added 15/2/01)
gym1More self-0wnage gymnastics.. watch for the head bouncing (added 15/2/01)
jump3BMX 0wnage.. look out for those rails! (added 15/2/01)
ouchSkater has nads seriously 0wned by fire hydrant (added 15/2/01)
para2Parachute + power lines = 0wnage (added 15/2/01)
readygoSprinter 0wned by his own deafness (added 15/2/01)
tennis2*thwack* Tennis ball head 0wnage (added 15/2/01)
pigeonPigeon 0wned mid-air by a baseball pitch (contributed by Michael, added 4/5/01)
moosesGuy 0wned by a rampaging moose (contributed by Gumby, added 18/5/01)
comradeLittle kid should look where he's going so he doesn't get 0wned (contributed by Barney, added 7/9/01)
breakalegPainful leg 0wnage (contributed by Gumby, added 7/9/01)
treefallingTIMBERRRR!!! *crash* 0wned. (contributed by Gumby, added 7/9/01)
wopper3Motorbike rider 0wned by a corner, then by the road (contributed by Gumby, added 7/9/01)
breakanarmSkater 0wns his arm (contributed by Gumby, added 12/10/02)
celicaDouble rally-car 0wnage! w00t! (contributed by Keef, added 12/10/02)
clap3Double motorbike 0wnage! w00t! (contributed by Keef, added 12/10/02)
crabvspipe1Crab mega-0wned by an undersea pipe (more info) (contributed by Robin, added 12/10/02)
crowbar0wnage of head by crowbar.. that's gotta hurt (added 12/10/02)
castinSelf-inflicted martial arts 0wnag3 (contributed by Keef, added 13/09/04)
accidentHead+road=0wnag3 (added 18/06/06)
finbreakstoeWall gets 0wned by toe.. then gets revenge (added 18/06/06)
andy_truckIcy sliding 0wnag3 (added 18/06/06)
ryan_serves_himself..he sure does. (added 18/06/06)
runningmachineHow to 0wn yourself on a treadmill (added 18/06/06)
trampolineHow to 0wn yourself on a trampoline (added 18/06/06)

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